Simon Hartley

Scaling Emerging Technology, Computer Software

Startup, cybersecurity, and mobility leader

Simon Hartley's Bio:

Simon Hartley is veteran of successful startups and Fortune 500 companies, a subject matter expert in the business of cybersecurity, building, and hardening critical infrastructure. He is currently leading the introduction of a mobile security platform for CIS Mobile.

Simon Hartley's Experience:

  • US Sales at CIS Mobile

    Lead the introduction of the altOS enterprise mobile security platform to the US market. Built an ecosystem of customers, technology partners, and integrators around Google Pixel and Sonim tactical mobile devices from a standing start. Hit multiples of revenue goals and drove to profitability by protecting the on-site and remote safety of mobile users in the IC, DoD, Civilian Government, and adjacent markets. CIS was acquired by HKW 4/2021.

  • Advisor at ATARC Research

  • VP Business Development & Co-founder at RunSafe Security

    Led sales, partners, channels, strategic marketing, and thought leadership for a rapidly scaling $25+ million IoT cybersecurity startup pioneering Alkemist™ Mobile Target Defense (MTD) hardening technology originally from DARPA and designed to disrupt attackers and protect devices.

  • VP Sales & Marketing at Kaprica Security (exited to Samsung)

    Led sales, marketing, and product management for mobility cybersecurity startup Kaprica Security. Kaprica founded by a team of cybersecurity experts from Lockheed's red teams and members of Carnegie Mellon’s renowned DefCon Capture the Flag (CTF) team.

Simon Hartley's Education:

  • University of Maryland Smith School of Business

    Executive MBA
  • University of Maryland Carey School of Law

    Masters in Law & Cybersecurity
  • University of Manchester

    B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics

Simon Hartley's Interests & Activities:

“I have been captivated by innovation since first setting eyes on a computer in grade school. I love growing new business, communication, and teamwork with customers, colleagues, partners, investors, and the community. My strengths are problem solving, analysis, and constant learning in the highly dynamic markets around emerging technologies.”